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Jackson Test Lab

166 Pleasant Drive, Tecumseh, Michigan  49286

More than a Test Service

Tool Room Capability

Jackson Test Lab offers a complete tool room which is capable of producing any test fixture that maybe required.  Jackson Test Lab also has the ability to design the test fixture that is critical to achieving your requirements.  Test fixture design is critical from the ability to efficiently transmit the vibration energy to your product without hampering the rapid thermal transition.  Our designs provide the critical balance that assures that you are getting the most from your test dollars.


In addition to fixture design and building, Jackson Test Lab has the ability to design and fabricate functional test stands that will fit your products test requirements.  We specialize in HVAC type test equipment and are fully EPA certified.  Using our tools, we can reduce the total development time and expose critical design issues early in the cycle.



Gauge Layout - Measuring                                              Tool Room




                                                         Typical Test Fixture - Circuit Board Test



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Jackson  Test  Lab  Inc.

166  Pleasant  Drive

Tecumseh,  Michigan   49286


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