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Jackson Test Lab

166 Pleasant Drive, Tecumseh, Michigan  49286

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Jackson Test Lab  offers a fully staffed and certified testing laboratory capable of conducting industry standard sanitation and safety assessments, such as NSF and UL tests, or customer-specific performance tests including ASHRAE, ARI, vibration and shipping. Our labs are certified to perform internationally recognized agency tests, and we continue to expand evaluation services into all areas of electrical, food, industrial and life science safety.




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bullet State-of-the-art sound chambers, controlled ambient rooms, calorimeters and air-flow tunnels allow us to administer a comprehensive plan to ensure critical tests are passed early in the program.
bulletOur mechanical labs measure product performance and quality. The team's expertise includes fatigue and failure analysis, sound and vibration, materials evaluation, and chemical analysis.
bulletOur systems have the capacity for rapid and voluminous data collection, and our broadband connection makes communicating with clients, regardless of location, a snap. Most importantly, our engineers possess the knowledge for transforming data into information.



Affiliate Network
We know how to accelerate your rate of innovation, and we use more than rapid computational and simulation techniques to do so. Jackson Test Lab, working with Innovative Thermal Solutions, employs an integrated approach involving industrial design, mechanical and thermal analysis, materials selection, electrical systems and controls. Our tools, personnel and experience provide for rapid and accurate component and system engineering. Our affiliates include controls engineers with experience ranging from breadboard layout to PLC programming to design and fully documented specification of embedded controllers. Our materials expertise includes metals, plastics, fibers, insulation, adhesives, coatings and treatments. The team's broad application knowledge and inside relationships with leading equipment manufacturers afford Jackson Test Lab a perspective helpful in both cost reduction and performance optimization. 


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Jackson  Test  Lab  Inc.

166  Pleasant  Drive

Tecumseh,  Michigan   49286


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