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Case Studies


We recently worked with a company to do a HALT test on a potential relay that was used in a HVAC application.  The relay had completed the initial development validation testing, but they wanted to make sure that they had not overlooked any design issues that would affect the life of the product.    The testing required special functional testing of the product throughout the HALT test.  We were able to design and build the required functional test equipment that duplicated what the relay would see in a start up condition.  We were also able to build the mounting fixtures that simulated the actual test environment.  The design incorporated low transmission losses with good thermal conductivity in order to meet rapid temperature transition rates.  Tri-axial accelerometers along with thermocouples were mounted to the surface of the product so that all of the real time test data could be captured.  The testing was a success and actually indicated the field problems that the production relays had that we compared the prototypes to.  The test was then designed for HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) in order to audit production capability.


We worked with a company to evaluate various oil blends in order to determine the most cost affective lubricant for a particular application.  The oils were used in a refrigerant hermetic compressor.  Various blends were tested under extreme conditions and compared to a known production blended oil, which had considerable field tests results.  The customer was able to demonstrate through our testing that they could produce a more cost affective oil that could replace the existing production blend.



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