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HALT / HASS Testing


Are you feeling the squeeze of getting new products into the market?  Has the reduced

time and increased cost presented a development nightmare for you?


Product Development Test

HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) is your answer to solving the time and cost problem?  HALT testing is an innovative way to test your prototypes while reducing development cost and time.  Don't make the mistake of letting your customers be the final tester!


On Going Product Manufacturing Audit Test

Product reliability testing at the front end of the process is a good investment!  While saving money by doing HALT testing you can generate an innovative future auditing test method called HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen).  HASS saves you time and money by reducing future quality auditing costs once the product is in production!  Why wait months for an answer to a field failure problem.  HASS testing is a useful method to audit the quality of production product without affecting the life of the product tested.  The duration of the test is relatively short and yet provides tremendous in site to process and purchase part status.


Lets look at what HALT testing can do for you!



Reduce development cost!  Reduce cost by using fewer sample parts during testing as compared to traditional test methods!


Reduce development time!  Reduce your testing time from months to weeks!  A typical HALT test is three to five days!


Slash your on going audit cost!  HASS lets you audit production product to determine manufacturing or vendor part problems!




                                              HALT Chamber


What Our Customers Have to Say


After reducing the required number of prototypes from fifty samples  to six samples, and the amount of test time by as much as 1300%, Robert Terry - Manager of AE had this to say:


                "Halt testing saves us time and money!  We now require a HALT test on every new product as part of our standard test protocol.  We found that it exposes the product weakness and lets us understand what the potential failures are prior to doing the traditional endurance testing."


Start saving time and money today!  Call us and find out how HALT testing will work for you!

If you thought that testing was expensive - not testing is the most expensive test you will run!



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